sams :- School Automation & Management Software

To automate the various functions of School end to end i.e. from the Selection procedure of the Students, Student Admission, Their Fee Management, Course Progress Monitoring , Examination, Attendance System ,Accounts, Conveyance, Search Module ,H.R. and Extra Curricular Activity.

In the IT era it has become of paramount importance for the School to keep abreast with the fast and furiously changing world.. With Myriad Courses being introduced everyday it is becoming more and more difficult to monitor these courses. The number of student is also on the rise. And the demand for efficiency is increasing from all quarters. The budgetary allocation, Funds, the ongoing development projects all need better vigilance and utilization.

Hereby we list some of the areas of operation we wish to Computerize/Automate:

1. Keeping Student Information :
Student data capturing in on-line mode from various source & documents with a view to create and maintain the databases on LAN Interaction with one or more databases at the time of data capturing
Some Components of the module :
Registration/Admission No.
Registration/Admission Dt.
Date of Birth etc.
2.Search Module:
Different input Box for Search Criteria Class/Section Selection Tree View Popup Menu Detail Grid View in tabular form Execute Search Close Panel Splitter for Reducing and enlarging Search area (Blue Line)
3.Fees System :
Simple and flexible Dynamic
The software will automatically produce bill to be paid on periodic basis. It provides features so that individual fees can be generated using templates based on Student's Class and category.
4.Conveyance :
Tracking & Information Integrated With Fee Conveyance system is designed to track multiple vehicle plying on various routes whilst tracking the boarding location of each pupil. Keeps Vehicle information. Various route and stoppage information. Variable fees for various routes. Keeps track of past charges Can have multiple mode of transport for same routes and stoppage.

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